Buzz Hex Electric Scooter

Buzz Hex Electric Scooter

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Buzz Hex Electric Scooter Review by @olsenbro

Who’s looking for a fun and fast ride that’s easy to fold and stow away when your adventure is over?

This Hex scooter from BUZZ has a 350- watt motor that will keep you zipping along at up to 15 mph!  They even have a sport mode for a little extra boost.  All you have to do is stand on the scooter and give it a little push to get rolling… then simply press the throttle to feel the electric motor take over!  This scooter comes equipped with both a pull brake as well as an electric brake lever, which gives the rider the ultimate control.

The Hex scooter also comes with a front headlight and a rear light for added safety and convenience.  Watch my video review above to get more details along with a review/ perspective from my 10 year old son.