5 Awesome Keychain Pocket Knives in 2020

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If you are anything like me, you love a good knife.  Who doesn’t?  Knives are the ultimate EDC (Every Day Carry), and the original fidget toy.  The knives listed below in this blog post are especially great for EDC, as they are all small enough to not only fit in your pocket, but they will fit along side your keys right on your keychain!

This is just a small list of 5 great keychain pocket knives that will not break the bank.  They are all currently available on amazon, and most offer prime shipping.  If you are looking for a tiny, compact knife that is easily concealed, then these are some great options.

1. Kershaw Cinder Pocket Knife

We love this little knife!  It is very compact, light weight and extremely practical to carry every day.  This little knife is perfect for cutting rope, boxes and paper.  You can even carve or make tinder with this razor sharp keychain knife!

The locking blade works perfect and there is no wiggle.  It is built by Kai knife (Kershaw’s parent company), so it is made with high quality parts and built to last!

Cinder knife dimensions: (Measurements are in inches. Length’s do NOT INCLUDE the keyring / lanyard hole – add 5/16 for the lanyard hole). Closed – 2&3/16; Open 3&5/8; Blade length – 1&3/8; Blade cutting edge – 1&1/16; Weight 0.87 ounces

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2. SOG Keychain Pocket Knife with Bottle Opener

This EDC (Every Day Carry) knife is great for everyday carry.  It has a one button release mechanism and locks securely when open and in use.

Both the blade and the body are built out of stainless steel.  The blade comes razor sharp, and is perfect for opening all of your amazon boxes, or small tasks.

The lock seems robust and snaps into place.  The built in bottle opener is gravy on the top. 🙂

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3. Maxeri World’s Smallest All Purpose Pocket Knife

Did you say you are looking for a small knife?  Well, look no further!  At only 3.1 inches long x 0.70 inches tall, this thing is tiny!  When closed, it folds into a ridiculous 2” x 0.70”, and the knife is just 7mm thick.

It comes in black, gold and silver, and has a sort of sexy, minimalist look and feel.  This mini blade is sharp, and can cut through zip ties like butter.

If you are looking for a knife to carry with your keys that you will not even notice is there… this is the knife for you.

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4. Albatross EDC Mini Damascus Pocket Knife

Ever wanted to carry a mini meat cleaver in your pocket??  The wait is over!  This thing is seriously cool, and has a “WOW” factor for sure.  It is a bit larger than the other knifes in this list, but at only 2.5” closed and weighing in at 72 grams, it can easily fit in your pocket.  Just add a large ring to the handle, and boom… its a keychain knife!

The Damascus steel blade has a combined 71 layers of high & low carbon steel  with a durable nickel layer, and then heat treated to ensure great longevity.

Wondering what to get your dad for fathers day?  Wonder no more.

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5. KeySmart Dapper 100- Ultra Slim Keychain Gentleman’s Knife

If you are looking for a keychain knife, why not buy one from a company who practically revolutionized the Swiss army key system? The blade is made out of 420 stainless steel, and is durable and offers low maintenance.

It is super light weight, and the quick-access blade will hide nicely within the handle.

This simple knife is perfect for carrying discretely on your keychain.  While not necessarily a heavy duty knife, it is perfect for opening letters and boxes.

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6. SOG Money Clip Pocket Knife

So, technically, this isn’t a keychain knife… it’s a money clip knife!  That’s right.  SOG has combined their stainless steel, razor sharp knife, with a way to carry your money. 

The cash card features a satin polished straight edge that has a widened thumb groove for easy, fast one-handed opens.

Crafted in 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, it offers excellent edge retention and resists corrosion.  The 2.75” blade is housed in a lightweight, skeletonized steel handle bringing the total weight to less than 2 ounces.

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