Percussion Massager by ChampionGun

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What is a Percussion Massager?

A percussion massager is a device that you hold in your hand, and it provides pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue. This device can offer some of the best deep-tissue massage as it works out knots and tension from the muscles while also enhancing range of motion and quickly improving blood flow.

Who needs a Percussion Massager?

This percussion massager is awesome! I am a big guy, and really need a strong massage to get any relief from my aching muscles.  In fact, up until this point, I have had to beg my wife to stand or kneel on my hamstrings in order to get a deep enough massage!  That has been the only way to get deep enough penetration in to my leg muscles to relieve the aches and pain.

Fortunately, this massager gets very deep as you can apply as much pressure as you need.  The great part is that this massager from ChampionGun doesn’t show any signs of being bogged down even with the increased force.  This massager offers 5 different  levels of intensity, so it is easy to get the right amount where you need it most .  I also love that it is cordless and the battery lasts forever.  It is small enough for one handed use, and is easy to use.

A Percussion Massager is recommended for anyone looking to induce blood flow in a rapid manner to soft tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout the body. Whether you are a world class athlete or a couch potato, this percussion massager will help to elongate your muscle fibers while providing relief on stiff joints.  I highly recommend this product!

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  1. Cool massager gun. This thing is strong enough for the kids to use on their dad. (Saves my wrists)

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